/gʌn / (say gun)

1. a weapon comprising a metallic tube, with its stock or carriage and attachments, from which heavy missiles are thrown by the force of an explosive; a piece of ordnance.
2. any portable firearm, as a rifle, revolver, etc.
3. a long-barrelled cannon, having a flat trajectory.
4. any similar device for projecting something: a nail gun; a cement gun.
5. a member of a shooting party.
6. Colloquial a champion, especially in shearing.
7. Colloquial a large surfboat for riding big waves.
8. (often in the plural) Colloquial a biceps, especially one developed, as in bodybuilding.
verb (gunned, gunning)
verb (i)
9. to hunt with a gun.
10. to shoot with a gun.
11. Colloquial (of a motor vehicle) to take off at great speed.
verb (t)
12. to feed fuel to (an engine), suddenly and quickly resulting in a sudden increase in speed: to gun an engine.
13. Colloquial of or relating to someone who is expert: gun shearer; gun drover.
14. beat (or jump) the gun,
a. (of a competitor in a race) to begin before the starting gun has fired.
b. Colloquial to begin prematurely; be overeager.
15. carry (or hold){{}} (big) guns, to be in a powerful or strong position.
16. go great guns, Colloquial (sometimes followed by at or with) to be successful. {Phrase Origin: of naval origin from the late 18th to early 20th century, referring to cannon fire}
17. gun down, to shoot with a gun.
18. gun for, Colloquial to seek (a person) with the intention to harm or kill: *They were gunning for him for a long time over his articles –c.j. koch, 1978.
19. have the guns for, to have the ability to do.
20. in the gun, Colloquial in trouble; the object of criticism.
21. stick to one's guns, Colloquial to maintain one's position in an argument, etc., against opposition.
{Middle English gunne, gonne, apparently shortened form of Gunilda name for engine of war, from Old Norse Gunnhildr, female given name consisting of gunn(r) war and hildr war}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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